My wife and I got into the food business in 2000. We started with a beautiful custom-made food truck that primarily served Indian/Pakistani cuisine. We were the first South Asian food cart in the area. When the business kicked off we invested in another food cart. After a few years in the food cart business, we bought our first restaurant in Orange, CT. Noor Mahal named after my daughter Noor and a palace located in Pakistan was the pride and joy of my family. In 2006 the restaurant was sold so that we could be fully immersed in the food cart business. This time however, we came back with an idea that would make us stand out from the typical food carts.



We got our start in the restaurant/catering business back in 2000 with a beautiful commercial food truck that served Indian and Pakistani cuisine. In fact, our food truck was among the first in New Haven. Since then, our menu has evolved, driving inspiration from the famous food carts in New York and combining elements of Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisines. Our customers have always considered us a hidden treasure so the theme of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves seemed more than appropriate for the name of our restaurant when it opened in 2014. 


986 Dixwell Avenue,



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